What Is Deal Management and How to Do It

To successfully manage a deal, a trader needs to enter the market with sufficient volume to be able to close the profit in parts and thereby correctly manage his trading position.

The Concept of Deal Management

Deal management is a service that will help your company’s sales team build long-term trusting relationships with their customers. It provides functionality to help you easily find the most promising clients, and then develop and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them. With this toolkit, your company will plan and analyze the entire sales lifecycle, find new ways to accelerate deal closure, uncover new areas of revenue potential, and find new ways to improve the efficiency of your sales force.

After the possible losses and costs are covered by the exit of part of the position, the next goal is to take the minimum profit by closing another part of the position. The exit by the second part can be carried out at the same price level as the first exit, or it can be closed at the nearest potential level of support or resistance, a stop in a trend, or a signal for a possible reversal. In this case, the decision to exit depends on the trader himself and the nature of the price movement in the stock.

All communications between company employees and business partners are planned and recorded in the form of activities. The list of activities is one of the key components of deal management, on the basis of which the daily work of employees of many divisions of the company is organized. An activity can be created to record the fact of communication with a client (potential client) or to schedule an activity in the future.

While working with deal management you need to pay attention to:

  1. Polls are conducted through the virtual room interface during a meeting. They consist of one question and options for answers to it.
  2. You can create single or multiple-choice polls. It is also possible to use the “Free” answer, where the participant will enter his own answer.
  3. The survey results can be viewed both through the administrative interface and through the virtual room interface.

How to Do and What to Avoid in Deal Management?

If the decision on consent to the conclusion or subsequent approval of a major transaction is made by the general meeting of shareholders (i.e. if the transaction value is more than 50% of the book value of the company’s assets), then the conclusion on the major transaction approved by the board of directors shall be included in the materials for the general meeting.

Such an opinion should contain, inter alia, information on the expected consequences for the company’s activities as a result of a major transaction and an assessment of the feasibility of concluding a major transaction. In the absence of a board of directors in the company, the conclusion on a major transaction is approved by the sole executive body.

Deal management allows an organization to centrally manage access rights to company documents downloaded by employees and external contractors. This solution allows you to revoke access rights, including those files that have been uploaded to external users’ devices. There is a possibility of integration with corporate portals and web services. The deal management card for each client, enter contact details and information about the company. It will also distribute the client base among managers for further work.