Merrill Corp Datasite: Things to Know

Merrill Corp data site allows you to securely store and provide access to company data to employees and external users, restricting the ability to work with documents only in the browser.

What Is Merrill Corp Data Site?

The universal platform for data exchange combines a virtual data room and an IRM system. This approach allows you to fully implement the concept of DRM-protection of documents on the devices of external and internal users throughout the entire life cycle of documents. Vaulterix software can be hosted either on the resources of the service provider (hosted) or on the corporate perimeter of the organization (on-premises).

Merrill DataSite’s Virtual Data Room (VDR) solution streamlines the due diligence process and is a highly efficient method of electronically sharing critical business information for due diligence via a securely secured online information room that can be accessed via the Internet. Mark documents and protect file contents from unauthorized attempts to take screenshots, copy text, and print documents.

It should be noted that at all stages of working with documents, the process of the acquaintance of a person with documents is fully protected. Moreover, an authorized person can only have access to the data that the system administrator has defined for him, and not to any others. This allows the administrator to track all those actions that the user performs while working with documents, and make adjustments as necessary.

In turn, confidential user documents with merrill corp datasite are protected by special software protections from hacking, views, viruses, as well as from accidental destruction, which allows the clients of such rooms to feel completely safe.

The Position of Resources in Merrill Corp Data Site

The position of resources in Merrill Corp data site is important because:

  1. Event resources are files and links that are uploaded for use in the virtual room.
  2. Resources can be downloaded both through the admin interface and through the virtual room.
  3. Not all resources uploaded to a room can be viewed in it, but only those that correspond to the types supported for viewing.
  4. For viewing in the system, the files must be converted after downloading.
  5. Members-only see resources added to the resource list. Members can download resources if they have the Download Resources right.
  6. Using a special right, you can enable participants to upload files to the virtual room.
  7. To manage the resources of an event, there is a special window Resources.

Besides, the so-called search services (search engines) help to navigate among this array of sites, analyzing the user’s thematic request and offering him possible web pages and sites that potentially contain the necessary information. According to research estimates, over 80% of site visitors come to them through search engines. For a long time, the search engine functions have been performed by the usual address bar of the browser – it is enough to type a regular search query in it.

It should be borne in mind that the analysis of the content of sites is carried out by search engines automatically, without the participation of a human operator, and in accordance with certain software algorithms. Therefore, often in the search results, there are sites on a very distant topic or not at all related to the request. This, as a rule, is caused by both the peculiarities of the work of search engines and the deliberate actions of individual site creators aimed at bringing their sites to the top positions in search results.